Modern ceiling coving ideas

Ceiling coving, a decorative device that has been around for centuries, doesn't have to look old fashioned or boring. Modern ceiling coving trends can bring a real sense of completion to your décor and they provide easy-to-care-for styling that fits into contemporary design beautifully. Coving can also be used to complete a look or add a contrasting touch to a simpler design.

Ceiling coving isn't just for period properties

Many people still associate coving with period houses, and restoration or recreation of these styles is possible. Many people find that designs in neoclassical style work well with richer modern furnishing, and for those in older houses, this can be an ideal way to refresh the décor without losing the period charm of their home. However, regional companies working with current techniques can also provide custom designs to suit more fashionable home makeovers, including minimalist designs and built-in lighting. Artistic techniques such as shadowing, which creates the impression of a detached floating detail, can also add drama without creating a fussy appearance.

How to choose modern ceiling coving

Coving should be chosen specifically for the room it is to decorate. Grand designs are ideal for old, high-ceilinged properties, but modern builds with lower ceilings often require simpler, more striking designs to prevent a feeling of clutter or opression. Extra lighting in these designs can also increase the feeling of space. This is why it's important to deal with professionals who can advise you on which products would work with your room and with your other decorative features, including where lighting could be included to best effect.

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